the importance of sleep

I think most people agree that sleep is important- but if we don’t get it, it might be all too easy to downplay it.  We will catch up later.  You can sleep when you are dead…. The things to do just can’t wait.

This interview with Arianna Huffington gives a lot of interesting insight on how important regular sleep really is.  Enjoy.


Welcome to Healing Arts Maine

How do you live in your body?HA_logo_square

Is your body your friend?  Do you feel at ease, peaceful and at home? Or are you struggling
with self-image, with pain, or unfamiliar changes? Has illness made you feel betrayed or are you taxing your body to the max and don’t have time to pay attention? Is your body speaking to you, trying to raise your awareness to change behavior patterns?

I would like to help you develop an awareness of living in your body with joy; help you understand the story it is telling and generate love and acceptance you can achieve living in this beautiful temple of your soul; building a relationship that is rooted in love, respect, honor and trust.

We will work on the massage table listening to your body’s story, finding the space in tight areas; discovering how your muscles like to be stretched and moved and what feels nurturing and restful.

Wherever your individual goals lead you, I will hold the space and intuitively move with you, while staying grounded so you can surrender to your process.

I am looking forward to supporting you

Antje Roitzsch