Massage Hands and Arms

Have you enjoyed a wonderful weekend outside, working in the garden, doing a project, trying out a new sport? Your Arms and Hands might be very sore now.

Here is a guide to loosen up the tight muscles and stretch the forearms and wrists. Your body will appreciate stretching before and after the work. Take a little time to recover faster from the strain.

Oral health- Reduce viruses and bacteria with these cool tongue scrapers

I recently saw the video below explaining the benefits of tongue scraping in Ayurvedic medicine. I had heard about it before, but I didn’t really understand the reasoning. This video explained it to me. And especially why copper is the ideal material for it. Right now oral health is so important. This helps reduce the viral and bacterial load.

Well, copper- I have plenty of copper wire! So I made myself a copper tongue scraper. It works great! So I made a few more. Send me an email if you want one of them.

I make them all with different texture or curves so people in the same household can keep them apart. I charge $10-15,  what ever you can afford plus shipping if we can’t meet. I hope it helps you as well.

Stay Healthy

Massage at Home

While being at home, why not massage each other? Here are some tips on how to give good feedback, so you get the massage that works for you. There are also different ways to use your hands and listen to feedback. Let me know if this is helpful. Is it too long? Have fun exploring new connections.