What to do when you see swarming Honeybees

The Honeybees are swarming.  If you see a swarm, stay calm and give me a call.  207-542-4285. The flyer  gives you some guidance of what to look out for and what info to give me. I will give them a loving home.

This is not too related to my massage practice- but bee guardianship is a healing art in itself 🙂

Bee Well

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Antje Roitzsch, Robbie Hinchey, new practitioners at Camden Whole Health – PenBay Pilot

CAMDEN — Camden Whole Health is excited to welcome new practitioners into the team of wellness providers.

Source: Antje Roitzsch, Robbie Hinchey, new practitioners at Camden Whole Health – PenBay Pilot

Open Studio Invitation

Come and join us on May 24, Tuesday from 2-5 pm

Antje Roitzsch has joined the Wellness team at “Camden Whole Health” with her Phenomenal Touch™ massage practice “Healing Arts Maine”.

To introduce herself in the new space, she will offer free 15 min. sessions on Tuesday May 24 from 2-5.

P1060180Antje will add to the center her enthusiasm for helping clients build a relationship with their bodies that is rooted in love, respect, honor and trust.

Antje brings her ability and talent as a sculptor to the massage table, giving her the sensibility to touch and work the tissue of the body like clay. She listens with her hands in a three-dimensional, sculptural way.

“I love being the bridge for people to live in their body with greater joy.”

She is especially excited to join a team of wellness practitioners, where it will be possible to offer treatments that complement each other, giving clients support from different angles. For example, if a client is working on shedding old behavior patterns with a counselor, those patterns are also reflected in the muscle tissue of the body. Antje will support the client in releasing those old patterns and create spaciousness for new movements to emerge, giving the client a full mind body opportunity to change.

Besides the well-known benefits of massage, such as maintaining comfort & mobility and dissolving tension & stress, Antje offers support during life transitions. This also may include releasing old trauma, building trust, raising self-esteem, adjusting postural patterns or restoring the body after illness.

To reserve a special timeslot for the free 15 min. introduction call Antje at 542-4285 or check out her website for more information: HealingArtsMaine@wordpress.com

the importance of sleep

I think most people agree that sleep is important- but if we don’t get it, it might be all too easy to downplay it.  We will catch up later.  You can sleep when you are dead…. The things to do just can’t wait.

This interview with Arianna Huffington gives a lot of interesting insight on how important regular sleep really is.  Enjoy.